How To Stream PUBG Mobile Live From Android Phone Bangla

Playing video games You can not understand this trend if millions of people are not logged in to see other people for Twitch or YouTube gaming. Back to my day, playing a video game with friends was a hated to wait for my turn

On this day, people are watching the record number Twichtream's most popular games - Fifty and PUBG is the most popular

Although PC or console gamers are mostly used by PCs or console gamers, there are options to stream from your Android phone - and there are some big titles available for mobile, but there is no reason not to start streaming from your phone, especially if there is a reason for the past few years Used to release the flag.

Here's how you can get started.

Youtube gaming
This is not a secret that YouTube is a ridiculous amount of gaming content There is a version of YouTube Apps and Sponsored Apps for Gaming Channels and Streamers - YouTube Gaming

If you want to easily start streaming your phone then the YouTube Gaming app is your best bet. What you need to get started in the app - Games you need and a solid WiFi connection

Download: YouTube Gaming (Free)

How to streamline gameplay using the YouTube gaming application
Press the broadcast button from the YouTube Gaming home screen.
Select stream quality - 720p HD or 480PSD - and whether you want to stream live, or want to record locally on your phone.
Once you start streaming, once you start streaming, your screen will be visible to the public with notifications and calls and passwords will be visible to your visitors. - Initially, if you did not abuse your phone, please do it now!

Later, when you select the stream you want to select. The app will give you a list of the streams of applications recommended, but you can scroll to expand the list to include all the applications on your phone.
Give your stream an awesome title and description so that your subscribers and potential visitors know what you're playing. Click here to be effective 😶
Send your stream link to social media so that all your friends and followers know what you are doing.

From there, a screen is available for your screen recording and your phone will load your selected game with your recording screen. Before you start streaming, you should set up exactly how you set up.

The app will use the camera facing you while showing your face and you can keep your favorite bubbles wherever you want - ideally, a place that does not reach the playing path for you and does not win, covering important information for your visitors. .

Once you start streaming, the floating bubble will give you control over all your streams. To extend the streaming menu at the bottom of your screen, simply tap the bubble, which gives you viewer statistics, text chat toggles and other settings statistics.


The house revolves around the biggest online streaming community, but unfortunately Twink streaming from an Android device is more complex

Primarily, the Twitch app for mobile does not currently allow you to stream games from your phone to your twitch account. That feature will definitely add a bit below the line. At this point, the app lets you stream "IRL" using your phone's camera and microphone, so if you want to use Twitch as a vlogging platform or watch your favorite Twitter stream, the Twitch app is a great alternative.

But we are here to stream some Android gaming, which means you have to set yourself up with streaming software. The most popular, open source streaming software Open Broadcast Software (OBS). Our friends at Windows Central have a great guide to setting up OBS, so if you want to keep your hand through the process then check it out.

Streaming streaming guide with set-up and OBS
All you need is a computer that runs OBS, your Android phone in USB debugging mode and a wired connection from your computer.

OBS lets you record or stream gameplay from your PC, Mac or Linux system. Although PC or console games are the most popular games of Twich Stream using OBS, but you can connect your Android using USB debugging and a screen recording application to create a video source to draw from OBS.
To prepare your computer for sharing your screen on your computer, you must unlock the developer options on your phone.

Go to Settings> Phone
Tap the build number 10 times or it unlocks the developer's options.
Enter the developer options and turn on USB debugging.
All about your phone's developer options

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