How to 1-Click Transfer Data From Android to Iphone In Bangla-Transfer All Data One Click

When we move from one device to another, we usually focus on moving our contacts, photos, and other media files. Sometimes, our messages can be important personal and professional details that should not be lost. Therefore, also remember to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone. It may seem like a tedious task for iPhone transfers to run Android, but it can be done through a single click. Do not believe me Read and learn about one-click data transfer solutions.
How to 1-Click Transfer Data From Android to Iphone In Bangla-Transfer All Data One Click
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Transfer text messages from iPhone to Android with one click

With DronePhone - Switch, you can move your data in one click with one click. Developed by Wondershare, the tool is compatible with all leading Android and iOS devices. Since it supports data cross platform transfer, you can easily remove your phone's content from Android and iPhone from iPhone to iPhone.

Not just messages, you can move your photos, contacts, videos, audio, call logs etc. It supports all the latest iOS devices such as iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7S etc. Also, it is Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Lenovo, Huawei, Siaomi, and more. The desktop application is running on Mac and Windows systems and also comes with a free trial version. Here you can transfer text messages from Android to Android using the dr.fone - switch.
  1. To get started, download and install dr.fone - Switch to your Mac or Windows system. Turn it on whenever you want to run Android for iPhone transfer. From the Drfhone home screen, select the "Switch" module.
    এক crick এ সব transfer
  2. Connect your Android and iOS device to a system using a USB or wired cable. At any time, the app will automatically detect both devices.
  3. To transfer text messages from Android to iPhone, iPhone should be your source of Android source when it comes from the destination device. If not, then use the flip button to change their position.
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  4. Now, select the information that you want to migrate. Since our main purpose is to move to the texts, make sure that the "Text Message" option is enabled. You can select any other data type before clicking on the "Start Transfer" button.

  1. This transfer process will begin. Just wait for Dr.fone as - switch will move your information. Just make sure the device is connected to both devices

  1. এক crick এ সব transfer
  2. As soon as the process is completed successfully, you will be notified. Once your information is transferred, you can safely delete both devices.
এক crick এ সব transfer
In this way, you can move all your data from one device to another device with a single click. 

Following the same procedure, you can transfer your data from IOS to Android, IOS to iOS and 

Android Android.

Transfer messages from Android to iPhone and transfer them to iOS

  1. To make data transfer from iPhone to Android easier, Apple has come to the iOS application. With this useful app, you can easily move from existing Android to a new iOS device. The options are provided only when setting up a new device. Therefore, if you are already using your iPhone, you have to set it first. After this is done, you can follow these steps to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone.

    Go to Google Play Store on your Android and download the iOS application.
    Now, turn on your iOS device and start with its initial setup. To continue the set up device, select the "Remove from Android device" option.
    এক crick এ সব transfer

  2. Turn on the move to the iOS app on your Android. You will find the following screen on both devices. Simply tap "Continue".
    এক crick এ সব transfer
  3. Your iOS device will display a unique one-time code. To make a secure connection match it on your Android device. Just make sure that both devices are connected to the same WiFi network.
  4. Select the data you want to transfer from your Android to iPhone. Wait a while as the wireless transfer will take place. You will be notified when successfully completed.
এক crick এ সব transfer

Which of the following is the preferred option?

While both dr.fone – Switch and the Move to iOS app can help you transfer text messages from Android to iPhone, the former is a preferred option. Firstly, the Move to iOS app is not compatible with every Android device. Also, you can only transfer selective data with it. For instance, you can’t move your music, important documents, and other data files.
Though, the biggest thing to consider is the ease of use. As you can see, dr.fone – Switch provides a quick one-click solution to transfer data. On the other hand, the option to move data from Android is only provided while setting up a new iOS device (with the Move to iOS app). If you are already using your iPhone, then you need to reset it before which will delete the existing data on it. Needless to say, nobody wants to lose their important data files and saved settings this way.
There you go! Now when you know how to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone with a single click, you can easily switch your phones. If you found this solution helpful, then feel free to share this guide with your friends as well and teach them how to perform a direct Android to iPhone transfer with no data loss in between.

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