How to Check a Spam Website & Blogg & Penalized Domain Bangla part2 | How to Check a Spam Website & Blog & Penalized Domain

What is the domain authority?
A domain authority is one of the most important reasons for determining how high positions are placed on Google's first pages when search engine optimization arrives. But what exactly does it say about your website?

The Domain Authority is a competitive metric that was first introduced by Google Analytics to determine the likelihood of your website ranking on Google. In other words, you are trying to determine your position with certain keywords and your competition has the same choice, with higher domain authority higher chance that it can score better.

How is domain authority determined?

It is determined based on the combination of matrix. To better explain them, I will use the Coca-Cola official website as an example: 


How to Check a Spam Website & Blogg & Penalized Domain Bangla part2

The tool returns different types of matrices, so take a closer look to understand what each means.

Domain Authority: Domain Authority: This is the search engine ranking score used to forecast your possibilities for a higher position in Google. Clearly, big numbers, good. In this case, Coca-Cola has an authority of 68/100, which is a good score, though it has lots of room for improvement. However, it is important to know the higher your score, it grows faster than 20/100 to 30/100 more than 60/100 to 70/100.
Page Authority: This score is determined by Mozilla as the same domain authority, but it shows the rank of a particular page within the website.
Spam Score: This metric is determined to be punishable by your website or to be banned from Google.

How to Check a Spam Website & Blogg & Penalized Domain Bangla part2

Mozes defines spam frames with 17 unique elements called "unique spam", such as:

  • Site Link Diversity - If all the external links pointing to your website come from the same page or domain, it seems suspicious and is usually a sign for fraudulent operations. Some sites purchase external links to run their site's official search engine, but this is a practice that is penalized by Google.
  • Domain name length - If your domain name has a lot more character than the average length, then it is marked by spam by spam flag.
    Thin content - Your domain or subdomain contains pages with little content.
    You can check all 17 reasons to spam here.
Page Link Matrix:

Coke shoe
How to Check a Spam Website & Blogg & Penalized Domain Bangla part2

Just-discovered – - This metric shows you the recently detected links and URLs that refer to your brand. They are really helpful to keep track of the conversations associated with your company and you can use them to detect spam.
You can go to the left column to see all the searchable links found within 60 days, and you can filter them by their target, link source, and link type.

How to Check a Spam Website & Blogg & Penalized Domain Bangla part2

Established Links:
  • Root domains –The number of unique domains (the highest class level of a site, such as, or, which contains at least one link directed at your website. In this case, there are 1,196 route domains in Coca Cola, which means that at least once 1,196 unique website brands are mentioned. You can read more about root domain here.
  • Total links –All links pointing to your website. From this example, we can see that 108 000 external, internal, followed and unfilled links (essentially unique) are being taken to the website of Coca Cola.
Inbound links  – Your links from internal and external sources point to a specific URL within your website. This can be a page or a sub-page, and not necessarily the home page. You can see all of them under the main metrics on the first page of the open site explorer:
How to Check a Spam Website & Blogg & Penalized Domain Bangla part2

Top pages –This report performs the top job of your website. You can see which subpages have the highest page authority and they use this information to analyze why they are doing better than others. If you are not a subscriber, you can only see the first 5 results, but payment plans unlock 10,000 links and unlimited reports.
How to Check a Spam Website & Blogg & Penalized Domain Bangla part2

Linking Domains –In this section, you can find additional information and helpful information in the domains indicated on your website as indicated by the Domain Authorities
Anchor Text –- If you are not familiar with the word, an anchor text clickable text of the hyperlink - for example, the anchor text in will be "". In connection with the authorities, it can help you see keywords that use websites to use keywords. This section is guided by linking root domains that contain anchor text.
Compare Link Metrics:
This section allows you to compare metrics between different URLs. In this case, I decided to do a comparison between the website of Coca Cola, and the one of Red Bull (you can add up to 5 URLs at the same time):
How to Check a Spam Website & Blogg & Penalized Domain Bangla part2
This report is a great way to see how your page and domain authority compares with that of your competition, and analyze your strengths and weaknesses. In this case, we can see that Red Bull performs better when it comes to Page Authority, MozRank and total internal links, while Coca-Cola has a stronger position when it comes to external links and linking root domains.
Naturally, both companies present a room for improvement when it comes to ranking, but each one of them displays different weaknesses that should be taken into account.
In this report, you can also find page-specific metrics, subdomain metrics, and root domain metrics.

Premium Features unavailable without subscription:

The Open Site Explorer of Moz Pro provides extremely helpful insights when it comes to authority and ranking, but you will need a Moz Pro Subscription if you want to explore its full potential. In additional to the features that we just talked about, with the Pro version you can also find the following:
  • Spam Analyze - An instrument that helps you identify bad spam links by defining their spam scores.

  • Link scope - With this feature, Moses helps you discover new opportunities and get more high quality links to your website

How to Check a Spam Website & Blogg & Penalized Domain Bangla part2
  • Advanced Reports - As we've already mentioned, even if you're not a subscriber, the Free Site Explorer provides you with meaningful insight; However, if you want to explore the full potential of metrics, then you must upgrade to a paid version. With Moz Pro you can create and download advanced reports containing more than 100,000 links.
Every company working towards higher domain authorities should have a priority target that wants to improve its progress. If you have not checked out yet, just click here, type your URL and start analyzing!

How to Check a Spam Website & Blog & Penalized Domain

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