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What is TICK TOK (officially

Tick ​​Talk (formerly known as Music). A social media platform for creating, sharing and discovery of small music videos, Caro thinks for the digital era. The app was used as an outlet for the singers to express themselves through song, dance, comedy, and lips-sync. The app is now called Tickock, complete with a new logo, all of its features are similar to Musical and it allows the user to create 15 seconds or less of video and share across a community. Tick ​​Talk says in the Newsroom:
"Ticocot includes the most popular elements of both apps, including a feed that highlights the community of users, in addition to the" For You "feed, which provides personalized video recommendations together based on the preferences of the app. The app will also include new features:
  • A "feedback" feature that lets users direct video responses to the phone
  • Advanced creative tools like interactive gesture filter unlock features such as funhouse mirror camera effects;
  • VR-type filter which can be activated by hug only;
  • Background effects like green screen "
  • Which age restriction?

Update: Under the new E.U. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Ireland now allows 16-year-old digital age. This means that young people under the age of 16 in Ireland are not allowed to access this platform. 

How to create an account?

Users, or formerly known as 'muscles', can sign up using their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email account.

Why do teens like?
Tick ​​tok (officially known as music.) Is a fun application that allows Terra to create friends and share videos with their friends.

From the first day of social media (especially on YouTube), lips-syncing videos prove a popular form of user-generated content for teens. The popularity of TV shows like Leap Sync War has also encouraged such platforms.
The teenagers can also be accessed through the hashtag trend on applications which also enjoy various challenges. The applications are a very dedicated, young community of users. Many of these users have the important priorities of getting likes, followers and their videos featured on the app. Creating and sharing their own content now has a large part of how it can spend thirteen years. Moving away from viewers online from content creators. This app can be really a creative way, teens can be the best way to express themselves and create their own social content.

How Does it Work?

Users like other apps and social networks can follow other users ’ videos. Teens can send emjoi’s to their favourite singer on Tik Tok/
Users can first select the song that they want to use in their video, then record the match with your music. Alternatively, users can first record their video and then select a song. The app has lots of ways to add more fun to user videos, for example, there is an option to shoot in slow-mode, start-up, fast-moving, filters, effects, or even music retreats. Users are happy with the video, they can post it to their followers and share it with other social networks; Messengers, wine, WhatsApp etc. There is a Duet feature that allows you to connect with other users and hosts.
Search Tools allows users to view other videos. Users can view the content under trending hashtags and submit videos using these hashtags (like how Instagram works). Hashtags are also used to submit videos for the challenges - for example; #LipCeschlag, #ComedDevelopment, etc.

Can I Have a Private Account on Tik Tok/

How to Private on TikTok Account  IN Bangla-How To Make Tik Tok Musically Video Bangla
By default, all accounts are public. Consider only your personal account settings / friends. Go to your profile using the head icon in the lower left corner and tap the gear icon in the top right corner. Select "Privacy and Settings" and click on "Privacy and Protection" Here you can secure your account by making your account private. See the picture above. Only authorized users can watch your video through a personal account, but your profile remains public.

Can I Block a User?

To block a user, go to their profile, press "..." in the top right corner and select "Block this user". You can unblock a user in the same menu.

How to Private on TikTok Account  IN Bangla-How To Make Tik Tok Musically Video Bangla
Users can report comments, videos, chats, or other accounts.
Users can also Flag inappropriate content. To report a Tik Tok/ press on the button with three dots and then click “report abuse.”

What are the possible risks?Users can publish bad language and sexual nature content. Users can comment on other videos, it is possible for online rape or negative comments. The app encourages positive comments and encourages the user to 'say something nice', however, if you include an inappropriate comment, there are abusive reporting options. Sharing something online, we recommend explaining how the app works, check your privacy settings and always use the grocery roulette!

Tik Tok is a digital welling center where you can monitor your screen time. Here are all Trivia / Musical Community Guides, like all apps and social networks. If your child uses the application, we suggest you contact them here with their guidelines.

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