Youtube new updates copyright strike & Youtube updates Community Guidelines Strike Bangla 2019

Update 2/20/2019: A previous version of this article says that these changes will apply to YouTube's copyright strike system - it's wrong, and we're sorry for the error. YouTube's Community Guidelines Strike System only applies the rules outlined below. The article has been updated to reflect this information.

Since Google bought YouTube several years ago, there have been a number of controversial changes.

Contemplating the imbalance of YouTube's advertising system, as well as recommendations and customer notifications, many popular creators have seen their earnings and opinions.

Already there are many flaws, it may be especially disappointing for creators to run YouTube's Community Guidelines.

Any creative content that publishes a content (it can be livestream, video, or thumbnail) that contains YouTube that is hateful, sexually explicit, or otherwise considered harmful to nature, that person can get Community Guidelines strikes.

For the first time, one of these movements was hit by the channel, the fine began to be imposed. They start small, but the entire channel can be deleted.

Now, Google is making some changes to this system to make it somewhat forgiving and easy to make.

The first change in the note is that YouTube will not punish the "first offense" made by them. Instead, when a channel receives its first strike, its owner will be given an alert which notifies them about YouTube's Community Guidelines.

After this alert, strikes will work as normal, but they will be more consistent in all parts of YouTube. For example, the punishment for uploading harmful material to Livestream will now be similar to the original video.

Unknown, due to the first non-appealed strike against a channel, the ability to upload new videos, livestream, or other content is fixed within a week.

The effect of the second strike within 90 days is almost the same, but it fined up to two weeks. The third strike received in the same time frame will result in the termination of the channel.

It is not clear whether these changes will make any significant differences in the channels to avoid the irreversible finishing or fine, but it will give some breathing room due to the new alert system.

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