Pohela Boishakh 1426 [Bengali New Year]

Pohela Boishakh [Bengali New Year]

Pohla Boishakh of Bengali New Year, the biggest festival in Bangladesh. In Bengali, poet 'first' and 'Bayishak' are the first months of the Bengali calendar. It is celebrated on the first day of the Bengali calendar.

Pohela Boishakh festival is the main source of Bengali culture and history. No other festival such as Poyela Boasak does not show true heritage and culture in Bangladesh. People enjoy fairs and festivals throughout the country. The singer conducts traditional songs to welcome the New Year, 'Aso o Boshak' (Welcome Boiseck) is the most popular song among them. On this day, newspaper special supplement, and radio and television broadcasts publish special programs. On this day, the best efforts of the people to develop and promise to do it better than the previous year.

Each aspect of Pohla Boisech is enjoyable, but the most enjoyable features are the large social gatherings. As preparing to celebrate this day, people bath in the morning and dress in fine clothes. They visit relatives, friends and neighbors most of the day and go to the traditional fair organized on this day. Various types of agricultural products, traditional handicrafts, toys, cosmetics, as well as food and sweet are sold at these fairs. The fairs also include traditional dance, drama and music entertainment entertainment. The largest and most colorful fair is held in Dhaka.

Like any other festival, Pohla Boishek has special meals. On this day, people cook a special type of food named Pananta Hilsa. It is made by sinking a soup or cold water and submersed with fried hilsa fish (usually known as hilsa). Traditional sweet as sweet balls, sweet yogurt and cakes, this is an integral part of the festival.

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