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8 Best Free Golf App for Your Apple Watch and iPhone in 2019

Best Free Golf App for Your Apple Watch and iPhone.
“My purchase of an Apple Watch would be more probable if there was a really good golf app. Has anyone who owns an Apple watch used a golf app and how good is it, accurate wise? Thanks.”
Above is a question posed in the forum by an Apple watch user. Featured with the sensors and dedicated App Store, Apple watch is an awesome device like the iPhone. If you are an ardent golf lover, it will be icing on the cake to install any terrific golf app on your Apple watch or iPhone.
There are various golf apps with amazing features and functionaries available on App Store. It can be quite a task to pick out the best one, or the one suits oneself best. To make things easier, we have sorted out 8 best free golf apps for Apple Watch and iPhone. We hope these golf apps compatible with the latest iOS version and watchOS version will give you a superior performance based on your use.
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Best Golf GPS, Rangefinder, Scorecard Apps for iOS & watchOS

1. GolfLogix GPS + Putt Line

GolfLogix is a free golf app for both Apple Watch and iPhone with ratings of 4.7 from over 40.3 K users across the globe. It has many attractive features.
  • Precise GPS distances on over 35,000 courses worldwide,
  • 3D View enables you to track how your ball will roll.
  • A scorecard for up to four players,
  • Reads your putts and shows where to aim them.
  • An extensive archive of Golf Digest lessons and videos.
The best part of the app is that the golf statistics get synced to the GolfLogix website with time. This feature helps you to track your progress over time. You can try its Plus Membership features with advanced GPS features, Approach View, and Putt Breaks for free while playing your first two rounds. After that, you need to pay for it.
GolfLogix GPS + Putt Line is one of the best golf GPS, Rangefinder, Scorecard Apps for iOS & watchOS.

2. Golf GPS & Scorecard by SwingU

SwingU is one of the best golf apps for Apple Watch and iPhone and has over 4.5 million users worldwide. It works as a GPS rangefinder that detects the distances to the greens from front-to-back and each barrier on every course in the world, as well as a scorecard app that records your score and putts and automatically advances from hole to hole. Daily instruction tips in this app from 100 top instructors will help take your golf to a new level. Moreover, you can upgrade your app to enjoy more comprehensive technology and functionality like informing the real-time wind speed, elevation, and “plays like” distance and personalized one-on-one instruction and training.
Golf GPS & Scorecard by SwingU is one of the best golf GPS, Rangefinder, Scorecard Apps for iOS & watchOS.

3. Golfshot: Golf GPS + AR

The unique AR feature of Golfshot makes it the best golf GPS apps for Apple Watch and iPhone. It works like a charm for reporting real-time distances to greens, obstacles, and holes on over 45,000 courses all over the world, offering an all-around and detailed view of each course and each hole, tracking your scores and shots, etc. This app records your detailed statistics and recommends a calculated club to you based on your statistics.
 Golfshot: Golf GPS + AR is one of the best golf GPS, Rangefinder, Scorecard Apps for iOS & watchOS.

4. Golf Handicap Tracker & Scores

This app doesn’t possess as many features as the previous apps, and it is not compatible with Apple Watch. But it is an enough professional golf handicap app for iPhone, and it is the only app that can accurately calculate your handicap based on the US, Canada, and Australia handicap rules. This app has a straightforward and intuitive interface, and you will have no difficulty in using it, even if you are a newbie. You can manually post your score to this app and instantly see the direction of your handicap is going. It allows you to print and share your handicap card with your friends as well as follow your friends’ handicap. This practical and efficient tool is free to download and offers in-app purchases to access more additional features.
Golf Handicap Tracker & Scores is one of the best golf GPS, Rangefinder, Scorecard Apps for iOS & watchOS.

5. Golf Channel Academy

When installing Golf Channel Academy on your iPhone, you get access to a comprehensive instructional tip library where you can enjoy more than 2,00 videos from the world’s top golf instructors and coaches and download them to your iPhone to watch at any time or any place. You are also allowed to create your personal playlist and add your preferred videos to it.
Besides an instructional app, Golf Channel Academy is also one of the best golf swing tracking app. It records your swing and analyzes it to help you find out where you need to improve.
Golf Channel Academy is one of the best golf GPS, Rangefinder, Scorecard Apps for iOS & watchOS.

6. Golf Pad: Free Golf GPS

Golf Pad, as one of the best golf GPS apps for Apple Watch and iPhone, is rather simple to use and requires no registration. The most important thing is that most of the features charged in other golf GPS apps are free to access in this app, such as the real-time distances to the front, middle, and back of greens, aerial maps with flyover view, tracking the shot from the tee to green and so on. Besides, this app follows up the detailed statistics of up to 4 players, including the stroke, putts, penalties, sand, and fairway, etc. The features of extended statistics, handicap scoring, and Apple Watch support are only available through in-app purchase.
Golf Pad: Free Golf GPS is one of the best golf GPS, Rangefinder, Scorecard Apps for iOS & watchOS.

7. Hudl Technique Golf

Hudl Technique Golf is one of the best free golf apps for the iPhone, but it doesn’t support the Apple Watch. This app is extremely helpful to take your golf game to the next level. To be a better golfer, you need to keep finding what you are doing wrong and correcting them, and Hudl Technique Golf shows that. It records your swings in slow motion with high definition up to 240 FPS and analyzes the video frame-by-frame. You can compare your swings with the professional golfers’ so as to discover your own swing flaws. This app gives you access to golf lessons from PGA instructors and drills from other coaches. You can also share your swings with friends and instructors.
Hudl Technique Golf is one of the best golf GPS, Rangefinder, Scorecard Apps for iOS & watchOS.

8. Hole19 Golf GPS & Scoring App

If you are looking for a quick, accurate distance golf app for the Apple watch, Hole19 is for you. It is suitable for golfers of all skill levels to improve their performance. Once you use this app, you will join a worldwide golf community of more than 1 million. Hole19 serves you before, during, and after your round.
Before your round, you can sort out the best golf courses to play according to the ratings and reviews from other real golfers in this app. You can also use it to plan your rounds and book tee times. Hole 19 offers precise GPS distances to key hazards and an all-around view for the hole. It tracks your driving accuracy, greens in regulation, short game and putting. All the features above-mentioned are free. For more advanced features like AR and high-resolution maps, you need to upgrade it to Premium.
Hole19 Golf GPS & Scoring App is one of the best golf GPS, Rangefinder, Scorecard Apps for iOS & watchOS.

Final Word:

Here are the 8 best free golf apps for Apple Watch and iPhone. All these apps can be used seamlessly with the latest iOS and watchOS version. Not all the apps are supported on the watchOS, but those supported are solid ones and can help you a lot whether you are a novice or a pro at golf. Each golf app has its uniqueness, and you can choose the best one for your Watch or iPhone based on your needs and preference.
Have you found your favorite golf app? Do you have any other suggestions or opinions? Please leave them in the comments section

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